Best Fails of the Week 1 May 2014

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Kitesurfing Back Roll Fail
Shirt Stuck on BMX Bike
Scotter Double Fail
Segwey Fail
Skateboard Redneck Fail
Jump Fail
My Neck Hurts
Dumb Shoplifter
How to Break a Mirror
Caida De Isabel–_26S
Skateboarder Smashes FAce–_26S
Girl Rope Swing Fail
Wing Launch Fail–_26S
BMX Fail
Ski Backflip Fail
Slip N Slide Nutshot–_26S
Drop in Fail–_26S
Epic Kite Fail–_26S
Wall Ball Burpee–_26S
Cat Faceplants off Roof
Cyclist Falls in Water
Teeter Board Fail–_26S
Moto Accident in Traffic Jam
Sand Dune Crash–_26S
Downhill Wenger Ski Fail
Boy Cheerleading Fail
Dirt Bike Crash–_26S
Crash Landing on bike–_26S
Sledding Fail
Times Square Cop Fail
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